Nothing is more frustrating than a wonderful water feature with an undersized pump – all beauty, no bubbles, in a manner of speaking.

This is true for pools, spas, ponds with waterfalls and irrigation systems because quality pumps can be costly. You might be tempted to sacrifice a little power to meet your budget but you’ll totally regret that if your pump doesn’t perform.

On the other side of that equation, a pump that is more powerful than needed is an equally frustrating problem. This can dramatically shorten the life of the pump so be sure your designer specifies pumps that get the job done in the most efficient way possible. That being said, one exception you might make is for your irrigation system pump. With neighbourhoods growing at a rapid rate, prevailing water pressure can drop as more homes tap into the main water source. If that happens, it’s beneficial to have extra capacity that eliminates the need for an additional booster pump.

One of the best things a designer can do for a homeowner is to plan ahead; whether it’s for future additions or practical enhancements. For example; installing irrigation pipes for watering ornamental planting beds that are planned for a later phase – saves the cost and disruption of established landscape plantings. Running conduit pipe in the base of patios to facilitate adding electrical wiring without having to remove bricks or carefully laid stone – the cost is minimal so it’s not a problem if it’s never used. Burying stretches of drain tile in planting beds for future drainage measures that may be needed – now this can be accomplished without trenching or digging that will damage established tree roots. Installing a double-wide gate in a stretch of fencing to permit tractor or skid-steer access for future projects without having to remove sections of fencing.

A landscape design isn’t just your plan of what you want to be done, it’s a legal document that details how a project is to be built. It’s supported by reference material and of course, the agreement or contract. It is the controlling document that will serve you well if it is thoughtfully and professionally prepared.