Every Dream Starts With A Vision

Landscape design

With an educated and experienced landscape designer on staff, AltaCan offers personalized landscaping design services. We embrace that everybody enjoys different aspects of nature and we provide an opportunity to let your mind run wild. Various software provides us with the opportunity to offer both 2D and 3D landscape design services.

Landscape Designer Edmonton

With an educated and experienced landscape designer on staff, AltaCan offers a personalized landscape design service.

We capture personal aspects of nature and inspire your imagination to pull out your desires. We help shape your vision and plan it out. The software we use provides us with 2D and 3D landscape rendering to help us visualize the finished product. Every project is unique, and we have the experience of seeing each one through.

Whether it is an entire estate or a single courtyard, AltaCan Landscaping has the tools to design your dream landscape.

From plant selection to materials, we do it all! 

Our specialist designers work with the harsh Edmonton climate to balance practical designs with native to the area plants. We will ensure that the plant selection is appropriate to irrigation and maintenance demands.

Our design process considers many features, from access points and traffic flow to sun exposure and soil type. 

AltaCan Landscaping uses an extensive collection of native Edmonton plants as well as a wide range of stones. With years of experience behind us, we believe in sustainable and environmentally-friendly design. 

Some of the crucial elements we focus on include:

  • Pollinator planting as well as native plant material
  • Low water use landscapes that do not need irrigation but can also effectively manage water
  • Permeable hardscaping including patios, driveways and walkways to allow for more effective water management
  • Healthy plants with low maintenance requirements to reduce maintenance

We design your landscape so that you can appreciate it all year round, regardless of the season.

2D Designs

2D landscape designs are commonly used to visually communicate instructions from a designer to the construction team or a client. A 2D design provides dimensions, shapes, plants, and instructions to aid in understanding the site for your property. They are typically done in plan view – an overhead visual of what your site will look like after construction is complete. Depending on the complexity of your project, we may also provide additional drawings with certain areas drawn in more detail for both your reference and for our construction team.

3D Designs

3D designs provide you with an opportunity to see and virtually walk around your property before committing to a design. With programs such as Lumion and SketchUp, our designer creates an easy to understand concept design. The power of this service is limitless. You can see what your property will look like in different seasons, different times of the day and provides comfort when making your landscape decisions. As small business owners, we understand how important it is that you can fully conceptualize your project prior to the start of construction.