When you watch a home makeover show, it seems so easy and the job gets done so quickly – don’t be fooled! They can accomplish a major renovation in just a few days because those are professionals you’re watching and they have a crew of dozens as well as the budget that far exceeds any normal project. You don’t have to get it all done at once and taking on too much at the start could lead to frustrations and extra expense, starting small is smarter than finishing flat.

Consider dividing the project into sections and working on one section at a time over a period of weeks or even months. You can work on it when you can, an hour in the evening after work or dedicate more time or an entire day during the weekend. You can get a lot done by using a slow but steady approach plus this allows you to see everything unfold. As you make progress, this will give you the freedom to make changes to your plan and by not doing it all at once, you have the flexibility to change your mind as new ideas came out of the blue – you can get inspired by anything, at any time.

With interior design for your home, you usually have a single focal point, there’s no difference when it comes to your landscape project. This focal point could be a garden, a sculpture, shrubbery, or even a tree – any experienced landscape designer will tell you this is the best way to plan out your project. As you draw up your plans, each detail should help to draw your eye to your focal point, whether it’s in dramatic ways or with little subtle nuances. This is an important principle for landscape design especially for those who have never done this before.